Moving Tips for the Young and the Old

A Guide To Moving Services

When planning a move, most people are aware that they have the choice to do it all themselves or to have a mover handle the loading, transport, and unloading. What you may not be aware of, though, is that moving services aren't an all or nothing proposition. There are a variety of services to choose from, which means you can minimize your work without the expense of having the movers do everything. This quick guide will help you understand what is available.

Full Service Move

A full service move is exactly as it sounds – a moving company packs your belongings, supplies the truck, loads the truck, drives the truck to your new home, then unloads the truck. There are even services that will unpack your belongings at your destination. For local and in-country long distance moves, this is typically the costliest moving option but there is little to no stress or effort required on your part. For an international move, this is usually the best option, since the movers will also handle the paperwork and customs inspections necessary.

Loading Service

A loading service is simply movers that only load and unload packed boxes onto a moving truck. You can use these in conjunction with any other service. If you are renting and driving your own moving truck, or using your own vehicle or utility trailer to move, a loading service can help you load everything quickly and then empty it out at your destination. For a long distance move you may need to hire a service at your old place and then a second one at your destination.

Packing Service

Packing-only services can come in and pack your belongings. Most people doing the bulk of their move themselves do not use a packing service, simply because they assume the cost is prohibitive. For certain situations a packing service is very useful. You can bring a service only to pack certain items, such as your antique china collection, or you can have them just pack certain rooms, such as the kitchen. This minimizes your work, ensures belongings are packed safely, but saves you money over a full-housing packing service.

Transport Only

If packing and loading isn't a big deal but you have no way to move your belongings, then hiring transport-only services are just the thing. These are especially helpful if you are traveling to your new home via plane or if you must drive your own vehicle. Moving trucks with drivers are available, but there are also pod movers. These provide you with a shipping container, or pod, which you load or hire loaders to load. Then, a truck picks up the pod and drops it off at your new home so you can unload it.

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