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3 Tips For Preparing Your Classic Car For Winter Storage

If you have decided to store your classic car in an auto storage unit for the winter, you may wonder what you can do to prepare it so your investment stays clean and damage-free during the cold months. If so, use the three tips below for preparing your classic car for winter storage.

Fill Up The Gas Tank

The first thing you should do to prepare your classic car for storage over the winter months is to fill up the gas tank. While you may think this is a waste of time and money, having a full gas tank can keep it from rusting.

If you have air in the tank, condensation can build up in the empty space. As the temperatures drop, the water could then freeze inside the tank. As the weather warms up, the expansion caused by the extremes in temperatures could cause expansion in the gas tank, potentially causing it to rupture.

Even if the moisture does not freeze, the water could rust the metal in your classic car's steel tank. If so, when you try to drive it after taking it out of storage, you may find several gas leaks, making it necessary to replace the tank.

Change The Oil

Before placing your car in storage, change the oil and oil filter, then enjoy one last drive before you put the car in storage. If you leave the old oil in the motor for several months, the increased thickness and dirt in the oil could damage the gears. Also, the residual particulates in the oil can make the engine's interior rust.

After changing the oil, taking a drive helps circulate the old oil out of the engine and replace it with the fresh, clean oil. You may want to drive it on the way to a car wash where you will perform the tip discussed in the next section.

Clean And Wax The Car

Right before you put your classic car away for the winter, give it a thorough cleaning and detailing, including a good wax job. Removing any dirt and grime helps keep them from eating away at the paint and chrome.

After the entire exterior is washed and detailed, wax it. The wax gives the car a protective barrier that protects it from rust due to moisture buildup. It also protects it from the cold temperatures that could crack the paint if moisture is allowed to rest directly on it.

Using the above tips can keep your car's engine from damage and the exterior clean and shiny while it is in winter storage. For more ideas on how to prepare your classic car for winter storage, such as at Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights, you may want to ask the representative at the auto storage facility where you will be keeping your pride and joy.