Moving Tips for the Young and the Old

Tips To Help You Pack Up Your Garage To Move

As you pack up the contents of your home to move, the last thing you probably want to think about is all of the stuff that you have stored in your garage. So many people use the garage as the catch-all for the things that don't have a place in the home. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you get organized and pack the contents of the garage with ease.

Eliminate Unused Stuff

Seriously – why would you spend the time packing up and moving stuff that's been sitting in the garage for the last ten years without being used. Sell, donate or throw away the unused items and you'll have a lot less to deal with as you pack, move and unpack.

Gather Packing Supplies

You'll need boxes of all sizes – some small stuff will need to be boxed and then put inside a larger box to ensure it makes the trip safely.

You'll also need some bubble wrap, packing paper and packing tape. You may also find plastic wrap to be handy – wrap bundles of tools in the plastic wrap, or other small things that you'd like to keep together and prevent them from banging around.

Some old blankets can come in handy packing up the larger tools and things. Lay an old blanket on the ground, set the shovels, brooms and things on top of it, wrap the blanket around the tools and use the tape to hold them together as one unit.

Be Aware of Hazardous Materials

Most moving companies are prohibited from transporting some of the hazardous materials that you have stored in your garage. Anything that is flammable will need to be transported on your own. Things like: gasoline cans, chemicals, fertilizer, spray paint, cleaning supplies, propane tanks – anything that could put the driver of the truck or your things at risk of fire or explosion should never be included in the moving truck.

So, as you box up the hazardous materials that you have to take with you, be sure to label the boxes very clearly. Consider recycling the materials that you won't use at your new home. Not only will it eliminate a hazard to worry about, but it will reduce the amount of useless stuff that you're paying to move.

Talk with a company like Allen's Transfer to learn more about what can and can't be included in the back of a moving truck. Once you know that, you can get to work packing up the garage for your move.