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How Early Should You Book Movers? 5 Key Factors

Do you need to hire a moving company for your residential move? If so, one key component in success is knowing when to hire the movers. Timing will help ensure that you get the service you need, avoid additional expenses, and work with a quality company. So, what is the right time to hire movers before the big day? Here are five factors to help you decide. 

1. Moving Distance.

The longer your trip will be, the more time and resources the moving company will need to dedicate to it. Therefore, long-distance moves call for earlier booking than short ones. You may need to book two or three months in advance. Short moves that need less than a day and are more flexible about resources can often be booked two to four weeks ahead. 

2. Size of Your Move.

How much do you need to transport? The more stuff you have, the more staff and larger vehicles will be necessary to do the job. This means you need to get those resources reserved earlier than a small move that could be done with less effort and equipment. 

3. Special Needs.

If you have anything that will require special handling or extra time, get your reservation in as soon as possible. This might include fragile items that need to be packed or handled delicately, a large amount of stuff needing disassembly or reassembly, or an unusual parking and loading situation. The added work might call for more people or more time — both of which could be in short supply if you wait too long. 

4. Time of Year.

More Americans tend to move during the warm months of spring and summer than in the dead of winter. And high quality moving companies' calendars fill up fast. So if you're moving during a busy season, establishing your date two or three months in advance is recommended. 

5. Peace of Mind.

How anxious will you feel if you don't know who will be moving your things and when? Moving house is stressful, so anything you can do to reduce stress is helpful. No matter how early it may be, don't feel like you can't get this one task done and dusted. This will ensure you have a plan in place, you get the company you really want, and that your movers are ready for you.  

When you weigh all the factors that are most important in your move, the right timing will undoubtedly begin to reveal itself. Want to know more about the specifics of your particular move in regards to reservations? Speak with local residential moving services in your area today.