Moving Tips for the Young and the Old

What You Need To Know About Movers, Storage, And Combination Services

Do you need a moving storage service? Before you hire movers or choose a storage rental, take a look at what you need to know about a combination option.

Why Would Someone Need a Combination Service?

You're ready to move. But do you need to bring everything from your old home to your new one? More specifically, do you need to bring everything right away? If you're not sure how to answer these questions or your answer is no, you could benefit from a moving/storage scenario. 

There's no universal reason to choose a combination service. Even though different people choose a moving/storage option for different reasons, you may need to schedule this service if:

You're temporarily downsizing

Is your new home significantly smaller than your current space? If this move isn't permanent, you may need to put some of your furniture or other belongings into storage.

Your new home is under construction

A full house of furniture can get in the way of a major renovation project. Not only will you need to move everything away from the construction zone, but debris (from the renovations) could also damage furniture, artwork, or almost anything else you plan to move.

You have unused items you plan to use again

Your older child no longer plays with some of their toys. But your younger child will enjoy these items eventually. Instead of storing everything in your new basement, keep it safe in a rental unit.

While you could move everything into your new house and then bring it to storage, this option is inefficient and could cost you more in extra costs. Instead of hiring two different contractors or paying for an extra move (to a storage rental), you may save time, energy, and money with a combined service. To learn more about the costs involved in a move with added storage, talk to a moving service about your options. 

What Types of Combination Services Are Available?

The conversation with the mover should not begin and end with the price. Instead, talk to the moving company about what storage solutions they also offer. Common moving/storage services include portable containers, temporary/short-term storage, long-term storage, and climate-controlled storage. 

If you need a storage rental for a temporary move or during a renovation project, portable and short-term options are ideal. But if you don't know when you'll need your for-storage items again, consider a long-term rental contract with the moving/storage company. 

Reach out to a local mover service to learn more about storage and moving combination services.